Welcome to your all-inclusive guide to negotiating the complex and thrilling process of selling your Columbus home. For homeowners wishing to sell, this lively city presents both special chances and difficulties. It is well-known for its rich history, various communities, and active real estate market.

In the always changing Columbus real estate market, having the appropriate resources and information is essential. A successful sale depends on your ability to comprehend market trends, regulatory requirements, and efficient selling methods, regardless of your level of experience as a homeowner or seller.

Our comprehensive guide is designed to provide you all the tools and knowledge you need to make wise choices. Everything from getting your house ready for sale to finalizing the transaction is handled by us. To help you understand what to anticipate and how to handle the swings, we’ll go into the local market trends. You will discover the significance of selecting a qualified real estate broker, determining a fair asking price, and skillfully promoting your house to draw in prospective purchasers.

Though it can be a challenging process, selling a house can also be a fulfilling experience if you have the correct support and tools. As you set out on your adventure, we want to provide you with information and self-assurance.

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This guide has been put together by the home selling professionals a Central City Solutions.

Published: November 13, 2023

2. Understanding the Columbus Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Columbus, Ohio, has undergone significant changes in recent years, making it an intriguing landscape for sellers. Here’s an insight into the current trends and what they mean for those looking to sell their homes in this vibrant city.

Rising Home Prices
– The median price of a central Ohio home has experienced a notable increase from $209,900 in 2019 to $290,000, marking one of the most significant rises in the area.
– As of August, the median sales price in the Columbus area reached $316,995, which is up by 7.5% from the previous year’s $295,000.
– The upward trajectory continued into October 2023, with the median listing home price in Columbus climbing to approximately $285.9K, a 10% increase year-over-year.

Market Dynamics
– The Columbus real estate market in 2023 is characterized as a seller’s market, primarily focusing on single-family homes, condos, and townhomes.
– Despite the rising prices, there has been a decrease in the number of homes sold. In September 2023, 895 homes were sold, a decline from 1,083 homes sold in the same month the previous year.
– The average time on the market for homes in Columbus has slightly decreased. In September 2023, homes typically sold after 36 days on the market, compared to 38 days in the previous year.

Implications for Sellers in Columbus

The Columbus real estate market offers sellers a good environment since rising home values are a sign of robust demand. The market may be cooling down a little, even if there has been a tiny decline in the number of properties sold. This implies that sellers still have a decent chance of selling their houses for a fair price, but they should be aware of the shifting circumstances and possibly anticipate having to wait a bit longer to close a deal.

The need of good pricing and marketing tactics to stand out in a competitive market is highlighted by current market developments. Given the direction of the market, sellers should try to take advantage of the strong demand while being ready for any shifts in buyer interest and market conditions.

3. Preparing Your House for Sale

In the process of selling a house, the preparatory stage is essential. Not only may a well-prepared property draw in more purchasers, but it may also raise the selling price. Here are some tips for efficiently getting your Columbus house ready for sale, along with a list of recommended local services.

Improving The Curb Appeal
Initial impressions count. Add some landscaping, a new coat of paint, and make sure your front door and porch are welcome to improve the outside of your house.
– Local Service Suggestion: To improve the curb appeal of your house, consider “Columbus Landscaping Services” for expert landscaping.

Home Repairs and Improvements
– Take care of any required maintenance, such as changing damaged tiles or repairing leaking faucets. Minor adjustments can have a significant impact.
– Modernize the look of the fixtures and hardware.
– Local Service Suggestion: “Columbus Handyman” provides a variety of services ranging from little fixes to larger-scale house renovations.

Professional Staging
The best qualities of your house can be emphasized by staging it. To arrange furnishings and decor in a way that appeals to buyers, think about working with a professional stager.
– Local Service Suggestion: “Staged Homes Columbus” is an expert in home staging and can assist you in presenting your house in the most favorable light.

Deep Cleaning
– A perfectly tidy home exudes warmth and coziness. Thoroughly clean every space, paying special attention to windows, carpets, and nooks and crannies.
– Local Service Suggestion: “Sparkling Clean Columbus” offers thorough cleaning services to guarantee the greatest possible appearance for your house.

Depersonalizing and Decluttering
– Personal items like family photos and mementos should be removed from the space so that buyers can see themselves there.
– Clear clutter to give rooms a bigger, more airy appearance.
A storage unit could be rented for extra stuff. For temporary storage needs, nearby storage facilities such as “Columbus Storage Center” provide a range of possibilities.

Neutralizing Colors and Decor
– More types of shoppers are drawn to neutral hues. Think about painting the walls again in muted colors.
– Make decor simpler to accommodate a range of preferences and styles.

Upgrading Lighting
– A well-lit home has a better atmosphere. To brighten rooms, change out any old light fittings and use higher-wattage bulbs.
– Local Service Suggestion: “Light Up Columbus” offers a selection of lighting options that can improve the curb appeal of your house.

Final Thoughts
A thoughtful strategy and meticulous attention to detail are necessary while getting your Columbus home ready for sale. You may significantly influence how potential buyers view your house by improving curb appeal, doing required repairs, staging, cleaning, and decluttering. Making use of neighborhood services may streamline the staging process and guarantee that your house is shown to its best advantage, which will ultimately help it sell quickly.

4. Realtors and Real Estate Agencies

Having an experienced realtor on your side might help you sell your home at a premium price in Columbus’s active real estate market. Here, we go through the benefits of using a realtor, provide a list of the best real estate firms and agents in Columbus, and provide advice on things to think about when selecting a realtor.

Why Hiring a Realtor Is Essential

Real estate market navigation can be a challenging procedure that involves careful planning, legal paperwork, and minute cooperation. Realtors offer proficiency in:

  • recognizing the local real estate market and setting competitive prices for residences.
  • promoting your home to draw in possible purchasers.
  • negotiating the most favorable terms and price for your house.
  • managing documentation and guaranteeing adherence to the law.
  • collaborating with additional real estate experts that are engaged in the selling process.

Top Realtors in Columbus

Sean Grabow: is well-known for his profound understanding of the market and his outstanding customer service. He has a lengthy background in the Columbus real estate industry.
Noah Mallen: One of Columbus’s best realtors, Noah has gained recognition for her creative marketing approaches and adept negotiating techniques.

Top Real Estate Agencies in Columbus

Central City Solutions: This company ranks among the best real estate firms in Columbus because to its extensive service offering and superior market knowledge.
Ohio Cash Fair Offer: Their Associates are well-equipped to assist you in selling your home because of their wide network and businesslike manner.
Home Team Columbus: is a group of seasoned real estate agents that provides customized solutions to guarantee a seamless selling experience.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Realtor

A critical first step in this process is selecting the appropriate realtor. Think about the following elements:

Experience and Expertise: Examine their history of closing deals, particularly in Columbus or in the community where you live.
Customer Testimonials: Examine comments and endorsements from previous customers. This may reveal information about the efficacy and dependability of the realtor.
Communication Style: Take into account their level of responsiveness and whether or not their strategy meets your needs.
Marketing Strategy: The realtor needs to have a well-defined strategy in place for marketing your home to potential purchasers.
Fees: Recognize the fees they impose and the services that are covered by them.

Finding the ideal realtor for your needs requires weighing factors including reputation, market expertise, and alignment with your own selling goals.

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5. Online Platforms for Listing Your Property

These days, internet platforms are a must-have when selling real estate in the digital age. They give sellers the chance to connect with a large number of potential customers, and they let buyers look for properties from the comfort of their own homes.

Best Websites for Real Estate Online
These are a few of the most well-liked websites where you can list your home.

Zillow: Well-known for its extensive database of American real estate listings, Zillow lets you market your home and provides a plethora of tools to assist you in the selling process.

Realtor.com: Supported by the National Association of Realtors, this website provides exposure across the country. It’s a reputable and well-liked property listing site.

Zillow owns Trulia, a website that features comprehensive real estate listings along with community and school evaluations, crime statistics, and area reviews.

Redfin: Redfin is an internet real estate marketplace in addition to a brokerage. They charge less for a full-service selling experience.

MLS Columbus: Real estate brokers list and publicize properties for sale in an MLS, or multiple listing service, database. The Columbus area multiple listing service (MLS) is a useful tool for connecting with other real estate agents and motivated purchasers.

Managing Your Listings: A Guide

Maintain an eye on your listings online by:

Update your listing frequently, especially if the price, availability, or specifics of the property change.

React Promptly: To keep buyers interested, be prepared to reply to questions or requests for viewings as soon as feasible.

Track Performance: A lot of websites offer data about the effectiveness of your listing. Utilize this data to make any necessary modifications.

Keep in mind that when it comes to selling your Columbus property, internet platforms are only one component of your total plan. This strategy, along with expert realtor advice and knowledge of the local market, can assist guarantee a successful sale.

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6. Legal Documentation and Compliance

There is a lot of paperwork and legal obligations when selling a house. A seamless transaction may be ensured and certain hazards can be avoided by being aware of what is needed.

Overview of Legal Requirements

There are local, state, and federal rules that you have to abide by while selling real estate in Columbus. This entails:

Complete Disclosure: Sellers in Ohio must fill out a Residential Property Disclosure Form. You must disclose any known flaws and problems with the property in this document.

Title Clearance: The property’s clear title must be provided by the seller. Prior to the sale, all liens or claims against the property must be settled.

Purchase Agreement Compliance: You have to make sure that all requirements are met for the sale and adhere to the terms specified in the purchase agreement.

Necessary Documentation Needed for Selling a House in Columbus

The following is a list of typical paperwork needed when selling a home in Columbus:

Residential Property Disclosure Form: As previously stated, this is a legally mandated form in which you list any known problems with the property.

Property Deed: The legal document demonstrating property ownership.

Purchase Agreement: A formal contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale that you and the buyer have agreed upon.

Title insurance: In the event that there are title problems after the transaction, it safeguards the buyer as well as their lender.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure: Under federal law, sellers of homes constructed prior to 1978 must reveal any information regarding lead-based paint.

When to Consult a Real Estate Attorney

Although it’s not usually required, there are some circumstances in which speaking with a real estate lawyer might be helpful:

Complex Transactions: Having a legal professional on your side can help to safeguard your interests if the terms and conditions of your property transaction are uncommon.

Legal Concerns: An attorney can offer advice and a settlement if the property has any legal concerns, such as liens, title inconsistencies, or inheritance conflicts.

Peace of mind: Engaging the services of an attorney can provide you comfort if you feel uneasy managing the legal details of the sale and guarantee that everything is done appropriately.

Keep in mind that selling a house has numerous legal requirements. A realtor is not a legal advisor, even though they can help you navigate the procedure and make sure you’re meeting all qualifications. To get advice on that, speak with a real estate lawyer.

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7. Getting The Right Price

An important part of selling your house is determining the proper price. It has a significant impact on the potential profit margin and how quickly your house sells.

Variables Impacting the Cost of a Home

The following variables may affect a Columbus home’s price:

Market Conditions: The price can be greatly impacted by the general state of the real estate market, including whether it is a seller’s or buyer’s market.

Location: The particular neighborhood’s appeal, ease of access to services, perceived safety, and school districts are all factors that affect a home’s value.

Property Condition: The age, structural soundness, updates, and upkeep of the house can all have an impact on the cost.

Comparable Sales: A buyer’s willingness to spend is typically determined by the prices of similar properties that have previously sold in the neighborhood.

Size and Layout: A home’s pricing may vary depending on its dimensions, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and how functionally organized it is.

Timing: A home’s price and sale speed may fluctuate depending on the season.

The Value of a Home Evaluation

A home evaluation, carried out by a certified appraiser, offers an objective estimation of a property’s value. An evaluation is essential for a number of reasons:

Choosing a Competitive pricing: By adjusting your pricing to reflect the current market, you can improve your chances of getting a quick sale. An appraisal can assist you in doing this.

Purchaser Financing: When a buyer obtains a mortgage, their lender will typically request an appraisal to make sure the loan balance does not exceed the value of the property.

Negotiating Tool: An appraisal can be a helpful tool in price negotiations with purchasers as it offers unbiased support for your asking price.

Some Competitive Home Pricing Advice

To help you price your house correctly, consider the following advice:

Utilize Comparable Sales: To determine your asking price, check out the most recent sales of comparable houses in the same community.

Take into Account the Market Conditions: Determine if it is a seller’s or a buyer’s market and modify your price accordingly.

Be Objective: It’s simple to allow emotive value to exaggerate the value you believe your house is worth. Consider your house as if you were a potential buyer.

Pricing Strategies: Some sellers discover that if they price their home slightly higher to allow for negotiations, or slightly lower to spark a bidding battle, it will work. Talk to your realtor about these tactics.

Properly pricing your house might mean the difference between a speedy sale and it lingering on the market. In this step, experienced appraisers or realtors can offer crucial help.

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8. Marketing Your Home

Getting the word out about your house and drawing in prospective buyers is essential. The more effective your marketing plan is, the more likely it is that you will sell your house soon and for a good price.

Marketing Is Essential When Selling a House
Selling a home requires effective marketing for a number of reasons.

Visibility: Effective marketing makes your house more visible to a wider range of prospective purchasers, improving your chances of making a deal.

First Impressions: A buyer’s initial impression of your house can have a big impact on their decision to schedule a viewing or make additional inquiries. This is due to the way your home is portrayed in listings.

Showcasing Features: With marketing, you can highlight your home’s special qualities and selling aspects, like its recent renovations, advantageous location, and distinctive architecture.

Pricing Justification: By presenting your house in a certain way and contrasting it with other homes of a similar caliber, effective marketing can also assist in supporting your asking price.

Traditional Marketing Techniques
Reaching local buyers has been demonstrated to be beneficial with traditional marketing methods:

For Sale” signs are a tried-and-true way to inform passersby that your house is for sale.

Print Advertising: Placements in neighborhood newspapers or real estate publications can be an effective means of connecting with residents who are considering a local purchase.

Direct Mail: You may help spread the word by sending postcards or fliers to households in your town or neighborhood.

Open Houses: Allowing prospective buyers to visit your home in person is one way to reach a decision.

Word-of-mouth: The influence of interpersonal relationships should not be undervalued. Inform your neighbors, family, and friends that you are selling your house.

Strategies and Tools for Digital Marketing

With more individuals using the internet to look for a property, digital marketing techniques are now essential:

Online Listings: Place a listing for your house on well-known real estate websites such as MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia.

Social media: To reach a large audience, post your listing on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There may be excellent local groups in some neighborhoods where you can post your listing.

Professional Photos: Expertly taken pictures and virtual tours can provide prospective buyers with an excellent first impression of your house.

Email marketing: Sending out an email blast to your network of prospective buyers or real estate agents can be a useful strategy to spark interest.

Paid Advertising: To reach local prospective customers, think about utilizing sponsored advertisements on Google, Facebook, or other networks.

Using traditional and digital marketing strategies together will maximize your home’s exposure and raise the chances that it will sell fast and for a fair price.

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9. Open Houses and Showings

Organizing private viewings and open houses is a crucial part of selling a house. They provide prospective buyers the opportunity to see the home in person, get a sense of how they might live there, and ask any important questions.

Recommendations for a Great Open House
An open house needs to be carefully planned and carried out. The following advice will help you succeed:

Clean and Declutter: To show off your house in the best possible way, make sure it is neat, clean, and clutter-free.
Arrange Your House: To make your house look better, think about working with a professional home stager. Even small changes, like moving furniture and adding new flowers, can have a significant impact.
Emphasize Important Areas: Make sure that the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms are very welcoming, as buyers frequently concentrate on these areas.
Provide Property Details: Keep a fact sheet on hand that has all the pertinent information about your house, such as its square footage, most recent renovations, and special features.
Be Friendly: Providing little snacks can enhance the inviting atmosphere and positive impression of an open house.

Setting Up Private Viewings
Private viewings provide prospective buyers the freedom to see the property at their own leisure and offer a more individualized experience. Here’s how to put them in order:

Availability: Since buyers frequently have particular time preferences, be sure to be accessible for private showings.
Preparation: Make sure your house is clean and organized before a private showing, just like at an open house.
Emphasize Features: Use a private viewing to draw attention to particular aspects of the house that you think the buyer would find especially appealing.

The Value of Flexibility in Timing Displays

Your ability to be flexible with showing schedules can have a big impact on how soon you sell your house. Because they frequently have varied schedules, prospective buyers can ask to see a property at various times of the day or week. Giving in to these demands will broaden your buyer base and demonstrate your sincerity in trying to sell your house.

Note that the purpose of showings and open houses is to make prospective purchasers feel comfortable. Your chances of closing a deal increase when visitors feel more at ease in the area, which makes it simpler for them to picture themselves living there.

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10. Closing the Sale

The last stage of selling a house is the closing, often called the closing sale, during which the buyer and seller formally become the new owners. To guarantee a seamless changeover, it’s critical to comprehend this procedure.

Comprehending the Closing Procedure

Several steps are involved in the closing process:

Taking an Offer: You can start the closing process by taking an offer if it fits your needs and fulfills your expectations.

The purpose of opening an escrow account is to retain money in a safe place while the transaction is happening.

House Appraisal and Inspection: Usually, the buyer makes the arrangements for a house appraisal and inspection. Negotiations regarding repairs might be necessary if any problems are discovered during the examination.

Final Walkthrough: To ensure the home is in the agreed-upon condition, the buyer typically does a last walkthrough right before closing.

Potential Issues at the Closing and How to Avoid Them

Closings usually go well, but problems do occasionally occur. The following are possible problems and solutions:

Inadequate Appraisal: The buyer’s lender may refuse to authorize the loan if the house’s appraisal is lower than the sale price. Make sure you appropriately list your house at the outset to prevent this.

Title issues: The closure may be postponed or even derailed by liens or claims pertaining to the property. Before you list the property, be sure that any such problems are taken care of.

Issues Found During a Home Inspection: If a buyer finds significant problems with the property, they may back out or ask for repairs. To find any potential issues, think about obtaining a pre-inspection before listing.

Issues with Buyer Financing: Occasionally, a buyer’s loan is denied. Only take proposals from pre-approved purchasers to avoid this.

Post-Sale Responsibilities

You might still be responsible for the following even after closing:

Transfer of Property: Make sure the new owner has all property keys, codes, and pertinent paperwork.

Records: For taxation and future use, preserve a copy of any documents pertaining to the transaction.

Change of Address: Notify the post office, utility providers, and other pertinent parties of your address change.

Financials: Verify that any mortgage you had on the house has been paid off. Also, be aware of the tax ramifications of selling your house.

Consider that closing requires a number of steps and is a complex operation. To successfully navigate through it, it’s critical to maintain organization, be ready, and seek advice from your real estate attorney or realtor.

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Selling a home in Columbus needs careful documentation, effective marketing, and in-depth market knowledge. You may handle the process with assurance if you make use of the tools we’ve mentioned, which include respectable real estate brokers, leading real estate companies, well-known internet directories, and knowledge of the applicable laws.

Never forget how crucial it is to set the proper price, comprehend the Columbus real estate market, and prepare your home for sale. To effectively sell your home, employ both traditional and internet marketing techniques. Additionally, be prepared to hold private showings and open houses. To guarantee a seamless closing, be informed about the procedure and ready to handle any problems that may arise.


These are a few resources that may be useful to you while you sell your Columbus house. If needed, kindly swap these out for current, local resources:

Columbus Realtors: A neighborhood group that offers information, market data, and real estate news to both house sellers and realtors.

Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, and MLS Columbus are online resources that you may use to list your home and get it in front of lots of people.

Public Records in Columbus County: For the purpose of looking up property records and other public data.

Local Home Staging and Photography Services: Experts can assist in enhancing the appearance of your house for listings and showings.

Local Real Estate Lawyers: To get legal counsel or support when selling your property.

Make good use of these tools to guarantee a profitable and satisfying Columbus house selling experience.

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